Product: lens adapter

Extension Tube Five Section Set
# He Mount - to be fitted onto camera body.
# She Mount - accepts the camera lens.

# Three numbers intermediate section of 6 mm, 12 mm & 24 mm length. The attachment is to be fitted in between the camera lens and camera body. By using the complete set we get life size magnification with optimum sharpness. The intermediate section can used as single or in combination as per required magnification. An exposure compensation of 2 stops is recommended for life size magnification.

#The manual focus lens Extension Tubes will not work with an auto focus lens where lens aperture is controlled electronically & there is no manual setting For lens aperture.

With this adapter the camera lens can be fitted in its reverse position onto the camera body. An inexpensive way in capturing subject from 4 to 5" with optimum sharpness.

Available for:
Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Yashica, Canon, Canon EOS

It is made up of black anodized aluminum barrel like structure, having appearance of a telephoto lens, the attachment with built - in mirror attaches to camera lens for taking candid shots. It allows taking discreet right angle shots without subject's knowledge, in particular where it is absolutely impossible to aim the camera towards the subject. As the camera is not aimed the subject, it helps to capture the subject's natural mood and spirit and completely eliminates camera conscious reactions like feeling of shyness, not desiring to be photographed, or a completely unnatural expression. To avoid vignette, its use is restricted with telephoto lenses of 70mm focal length & above.

Microscope Adapter

The attachment connects the camera body with microscope for taking microphotographs. The optic of the microscope works and the camera lens is not used. Suitable for focusing stage microscope with the draw tube of 25 mm outer diameter and 10x ocular.
Screw in type.

Allows the use of Canon FD lenses to be used on Canon EOS camera bodies. The lenses will meter o.k. but will only focus MANUALLY. this version has no glass and requires a one stop increase in exposure. Fits Canon FD breech mount lenses but will wobble on bayonet FD lenses. Screw in type.



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