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Orchid International's International Export Policies:
Welcome to the world of importing! You are about to enter the successful importers club by making your first steps to buy directly from India. foto-asian.com makes it easy by offering you a convenient one-stop importing service, but that's only a start. As with any business, apart from knowing which items will sell well for your business and make you massive profits, you also need to do some basic research as to the type of items that are suitable for sale in your country.Top

Every seasoned importer knows that when importing items from abroad, there is always that very small possibility that items might be temporarily held up at customs for inspection purposes, or in the worst case, a seizure of your items due to suspected trademark violation. If items are held up at customs, they are usually part of a routine check (e.g. homeland security) and released back to the customer within a short time. any-volume will provide you all the necessary standard documents beforehand to facilitate the easy entry of your products through customs. As for dealing with seized items, every country's laws and regulations as to what products can be imported varies, and impossible for us to keep track. It is the responsibility of the customer to find out whether the products purchased are liable for entry to their country. We may help our customer to distinguish this kind of situation through our network of shipping & forwarding agents & companies. Anything you are not sure about import just drop an email with your concern & we will get back to you with exact information in a matter of time.Top

1) Apart knowing their (supplier) supply capacity, product quality & their ways of conducting business,What we do is to take steps to verify the credibility of the supplier, entertain customer enquiries, understand International & domestic customer requirement, prodvie customized solutions and provide an one-stop fulfilment service to perform purchasing, consolidation, customs arrangement and delivery of your products from multiple supplier locations to make your importing activities from India safer and hassle-free.Top

2) Our rules of product information uploads by suppliers determines that they cannot upload products that violate copyright or trademarks in the international arena. If such a rule is broken, and the product carries the brand name of the violated company either on the product itself or through its product packaging, we have a right to delete such listings and remove the suppliers from our database if they continue such activities. foto-asian.com does not actively monitor the authenticity of each and every product uploaded, due to the sheer size of its catalog, but rather take actions upon the complaints of violated companies whose trademark has been breached.Top

3) As for our rules governing items deemed as "lookalikes", it is not in our power to delete listings if they do not breach trademark laws, which means the violated brand name is neither stamped on the products itself or its product packaging, but will be removed immediately if discovered. As mentioned, we will not know in detail what companies are allowed to distribute which brand of products, and action will only be taken through complaints made to us with proof of accusations.Top

4) Before purchasing any products from you can access this website all background checks on the type of products to be purchased is the sole responsibility of the buyer and the buyer assumes all risk in choosing to purchase those products. any-volume.com cannot be held accountable for goods seized by customs if they fail to comply with the laws and regulations for the types of goods allowed into your country. However, we shall offer you the added service of requesting any additional documents you need from Us to dispute your case if necessary.Top

5) You may not request for refund or replacement from any-volume.com itself since we act as your appointed buying office, and all your funds are effectively dispensed to the suppliers for the purchase of your items. All requests for replacements, refunds or compensation would be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer except if supplied from ready inventory and we will be happy to contact them on your behalf.On our end, we facilitate this buying process through instructions made by your online order placement and thereby, offering you the privileges of any-volume.com's unique escrow payment mechanism amongst suppliers to ensure your goods are made to specifications. All customs related matters that may (or may not) need your attention once your goods arrive in your country, such as customs declartions and duty taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.Top

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Welcome to Orchid International website- Ready to export products from India in retail & wholesale. You can now import unlimited varieties of camera accessories, Camera parts, Camera and accessories, photographic equipment, Digital cameras accessories, photo equipments, DSLR accessories, camera straps, photography accessories & many more products in flexible quantities from India. Simply order your products and we'll handle the rest. As a complete door-to-door service, we'll help you coordinate delivery of your goods from various supplier locations, book shipment via air or ocean freight, perform import/export paperwork for customs clearance purposes, and even arrange transportation of your order from your nearest port to your doorstep!

"Retail & wholesale deals: Great range of Quality camera Accessories,Led Tourches & many other upcoming product categories - Air cargo/Home delivery/Drop Shipping Worldwide, Direct From India.

Orchid International is an Indian owned wholesale and dropship company located in Noida,UP India right next to Delhi. Established in 2009, we buy exclusively from Indian manufacturers & make them available in ex stock ready for exports, worldwide retail & domestic consumers. Any one can buy our products, right here in our online wholesale shop.

Quality First All of the products are brand new, top quality products: absolutely no closeouts, used, or counterfeits. We offer you a wide-selection of products - all carefully selected with quality in mind, and quality controlled in our warehouse. This is your best opportunity to directly and safely access the Indian market - all in one place online, without the need to travel to India to find suppliers one by one.

Fast Delivery Worldwide Shipping direct from India to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically takes only 4-to-6 days. Goods are sent out from our warehouse stock typically within 1 day of your order payment. Shipping is by courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, by air mail, or by bulk freight forwarder. Shipping paperwork and customs clearance are taken care of by the courier companies, greatly simplifying the process for importers. The delivery speed is suitable for eBay-type selling / dropship direct from India. There is no mention of "Any brand name" on the shipping invoice / on the goods / in the parcel so, as dropshippers, your business is protected. We are a trusted supplier of hundreds of ecommerce companies, small businesses, eBay PowerSellers, and local distributors in every country around the world. Drop shippers may sell internationally with no restrictions from ourselves. Warranty All the products we sell come with a 30 days warranty. We provide full after-sales service & Warranty benefits apply equally to wholesale orders and dropshipper single item orders. Competitive Prices We offers you competitive wholesale / dropship discount prices on all the products you find in our Online Wholesale Shop. The prices you see before signing in are sample single-unit prices only; after you sign up at our Online Shop you will be able to see the wholesale prices we offer for larger quantities. Attractive bulk pricing is available on enquiry. Drop ship customers are rewarded with better single piece discounts based on order history. You will find that the prices from our wholesale warehouse are cheaper than even closeouts / liquidators sources in your local market.

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