Camera filter:-Closeup +4 Filter


close up lens+4

Close Up +4 Depending Upon diopter Close Up Lenses help you go closer to a subject and to enlarge a particular portion from a group photograph and to capture details of finger prints, inspects, flowers, jewellery & countless other subjects in all their tiny detail.


Without closeup+4 filter


Without closeup+4


With closeup+4 filter


With closeup+4

four times greater image can be obtained with the use of close up lens +4, With magnification power of close up lens +4 , you can capture the tiny details that could not be possible using a bare lens. close up lens +4 is also use ful in product photography .Available Sizes: 37mm though 82mm Special Sizes on Order only.

Because of short distance, depth of field being shallow, use of smallest lens stop is recommended.



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