Camera filter:- Diffuser D2(Softone)


Softone camera filter

These filters graded as , "DIFFUSER","SOFTONE", "DUTO" & "Special Softone" (D1, D2,D3 & D4) diffuse highlights, reduce contrast and as such can be used for taking pictures with variable soft effects. As the filters softone the skin - texture, the portraits of ladies can be made very charming & attractive,a dreamy landscape pictures can be shot without suppressing details


Without softone filter

& innumerable other soft - effect oriented pictures can be produced, particularly in commercial photography effect is strongest with 50 - 100 mm or bigger focal length lenses & shooting at smaller aperture is not recommended. The diffusion is minimum with "SOFTONE", stronger with "Diffuser" &strongest with "Duto" & "Spl. Softone.


With softone filter

diffuser d1 with-filter-image

With softone filter



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